Lumson has supplied the glass bottle, the pump system, the over cap and all the decorations of Comfort Lift, Deborah’s new liquid foundation enhanced with ingredients chosen for their firming and moisturizing properties, and designed to moisturize and protect the skin of the most demanding women all day long,

The texture, enriched with a complex made of Hyaluronic Acid of different molecular weights, provides up to 10 hours of complete moisturizing action, and an immediate lifting effect.

The 30 ml transparent glass bottle from the “Collezione Norma” - a standard cosmetic packaging collection designed, manufactured and decorated by Lumson - is matched up with a refined pump and over cap designed to recall the shape of the bottle itself, the pump is enriched with a matt gold metallization, while the over cap is clear, like the glass, to show the beautiful black actuator underneath.

Lumson decoration department has transferred Deborah Group’s graphics onto the glass bottle by using one passage of black screen printing to create a decoration that ensures brand awareness and positioning in the make-up market.