Straight from South Korea, the brand known for its anhydrous single-dose sheet-type products that transform into a light foam upon contact with water is taking another step towards zero waste with 100% water-soluble and plastic free sachets.

On the occasion of the Cosmetic 360 trade show, which was held on October 12 and 13 at the Carrousel du Louvre in Paris, Deardot presented two new versions of its nomadic and ultra-practical anhydrous skincare products, this time packaged in sachets which dissolve in water in seconds, with “no pollutant residue”.

For its new Dangyuja Face Cleanser Sheets and Dangyuja Body Cleanser Sheets, packaged in individual sachets, Deadot is therefore shifting from biodegradable paper used in the packaging of its previous products to a brand new solution. After using the cleanser, the sachet dissolves in the sink and can be flushed down the drain “with no worries about the environment,” claims the brand.

Easy to Easy to carry and use, Deardot’s anhydrous sheets are lightweight and hygienic. They combine a low carbon footprint and a sustainable packaging.

Deardot’s solution was rewarded by the jury of the Cosmetic 360 Awards in the packaging category.