Alexandra et Chantal Roos

Premium Beauty News - What made you decide to embark on this common adventure?

Chantal Roos - Strangely enough, I had never had in mind to create my own brand, it is Alexandra who gave me the impulse. It is true it is much more interesting, but it is also an opportunity to create where there is actually something missing. At the moment, consumers’ real longing for a more precious world is felt particularly strongly, as well as their need for perfumery to lie at the core of emotions. It was the right moment.

Alexandra Roos - It is also related to passing down my mother’s knowledge of this trade. It felt obvious. I am an artist first, and my world is that of music, but of course I have always been surrounded by perfumery. We decided to match both, as they are not such different worlds. We talk about notes, composition… the writing process is quite similar in music and perfumery.

Musical references are never far in the creative part of the brand, such as the perfume names or the bottle designs.

Premium Beauty News - Can you talk about Dear Rose?

Chantal Roos - Dear Rose celebrates the eternal story of women and perfume, it is an ode to femininity. ‘Rose’ reminds of the name, but especially of the flower: if only one flower were to be remembered in the perfume, it would be the rose. It embodies the perfume. Nevertheless, not all our perfumes contain rose.

Fabrice Pellegrin, the perfumer, immersed himself in our story and composed the five fragrances – A Capella, the sound of a pure voice, a fresh green, I Love My Man, for women in love with love, Bloody Rose, Sympathy For The Sun, which is very sensual on bare skin, and La Favorite.

Alexandra Roos - The bottle is very feminine, with quite a heavy glass weight for an easy grab, and adorned with copper, a material that is both organic and precious.

Premium Beauty News - This line was launched last May and distributed by the Différentes Latitudes label. What about your future projects?

Alexandra Roos - Indeed, the collection has been launched with success, and a new one is scheduled before the end of the year. Now apart from France, we are already present in Germany, Austria, Benelux, the Baltic states, we are starting at Harrod’s in October, and we have contacts in the United States. Our online store is also accessible.