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Curly-haired girls rejoice - the first ever festival for curly-haired women came to Australia

Aja Bradley-Kemp, Love My Curls Festival founder

Aja Bradley-Kemp, Love My Curls Festival founder

The Love My Curls Festival, a one-day beauty event, brought together curly-haired professionals, influencers and international hair brands (including US brands) to celebrate Australian women of all ethnicities with curly and textured hair.

The festival was a fun forum on curly hair, where attendees could have their biggest hair challenges tackled - from hair care to styling, colour care and hair maintenance for kids.

The day-long program included curl conversations and workshops with a host of curl experts and well-known curly-haired women. Festival-goers had the opportunity to discover new products, connect with hair influencers, and watch demonstrations from the makers of renowned curly hair care brands from around the world.

After tending to the hair care needs of hundreds of Australian women and men over the years, I realised there was a gap between the availability of curly-hair products and accessibility to those product developers and styling experts,” Curls and Natural Hair Beauty Place Salon owner, Tommy Boone, said. “It is my hope that the Love My Curls Festival will show the Australian community that there is information and support for all curls, big or small, tight or loose.

The Love My Curls Festival took place on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Bondi...

The Love My Curls Festival took place on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Bondi Pavilion in Sydney

Given that Australia is an ethnically diverse nation with immigrants from over 200 countries (with many having curly and textured hair types), Love My Curls Festival founder, Aja Bradley-Kemp, who shares her time between the US and Australia, also saw the perfect opportunity to provide these Australians with an experience tailored to them.

When I returned to the US after living in Australia for nine years, there was a growing community, conversation and movement for women with textured hair,” Aja said. “Besides the community, there was access to resources and education to care for your natural curls that didn’t exist at all in Australia. I learnt that there was a huge need in Australia for education and an opportunity to engage the curly-hair community in a way that hadn’t been done before.

The festival took place on Sunday, December 8, 2019 at Bondi Pavilion in Sydney.

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