A short introduction of your Company

Founded in 2001, CTK is a cosmetics platform company that provides turnkey product development services – tracing its roots all the way back to Taega Trade - a cosmetics packaging manufacturer established in 1979.

We provide a comprehensive range of services from content creation, product design, formula, packaging, marketing, production, quality management, and logistics. Our numerous collaborations with global beauty powerhouses allowed us to stay ahead of the trends, shaping future beauty innovations. We work with OEM partners to provide the best solution for each brand’s unique concepts and identities. We match the best OEM manufacturer to each client’s needs rather than running our own factory, because operating an in-house factory would blindside us into focusing on promoting products we are equipped and specialized in. This bias also limits the opportunities that we could otherwise propose to the clients that best fit their needs. Breaking free from the limitations, our in-house R&D labs and creative teams can solely focus on developing and curating the best proposals for the clients. We are now digitalizing these services through CTKCLIP so that we can reach a wider audience without the constraints of time and space.

So, tell us more about CTKCLIP

CTKCLIP is an online beauty creation platform. This platform is designed with the goal of simplifying product creation by matching thousands of formulas, packaging, and raw materials sourced and curated by CTK matched to client’s needs, all within a few clicks. Drawing parallels to Expedia – the all-in-one travel platform that provides all information from flights to hotels and car rentals, CTKCLIP is a beauty platform where one can find everything needed for beauty creation. Beauty creation is now made easy, without the hassle of going through multiple stages of development. It makes comparing information and matching various product requirements simpler and faster.

Where did the thousands of formulation and packaging options come from?

We work and collaborate with over 200+ partner factories and manufacturers, showcasing a wide range of the best and newest products in the industry, we then mix and match client’s desired ingredients, formulas, and packaging, putting together the best options for client’s review. With more than 20 years’ experience in the industry and rubbing shoulders with global beauty powerhouses, we have rich knowledge on industry’s standards, enabling us to offer tailored service to our clients.

We also have our very own in-house cosmetic chemists’ team at our CTK INOLAB – who are all experts in their fields. They are always experimenting with the latest trends and ingredients developing them into formulas – that are globally compliant. These formulas are not just innovative and trendy but also adhere to the strictest global compliances and highest quality. We also support our OEM partners by sharing our know-hows and scientific feedbacks so we can put together the best for our clients.

Same goes for packaging – we proudly house a team of experienced packaging engineers and designers who design and bring to life innovative packaging solutions with new, eco-friendly materials. We hold over 280 patents – including the bottoms-up stick - designed for stick formulations but effectively eliminating wastage with its sophisticated cup mechanism. It was recently nominated at Makeup in Paris for the Innovation & Trend (IT) award!

Our subsidiary - CTK Bio Canada champions our R&D efforts in eco-friendly material development, with our latest development of biodegradable and compostable plastics materials.

What can we expect next from CTKCLIP?

For now, CTKCLIP is a platform that offers our existing beauty turnkey services from product planning, through development online. We promptly curate and introduce the newest products in the market to meet the diverse needs and requirements of our clients.

Moving forward, we have plans to expand our platform to allow our partners to directly upload their newest innovations onto CTKCLIP, so we can further fasten the turnover time for products updates and expand our collection of products. On top of that, it will allow us to truly become a platform where our OEM partners can interact with our brand clients directly.

Apart from ODM, we also have plans on further expanding CTKCLIP beyond - to include fully integrated solutions for clients. To kickstart our expansion effort, we have partnered up with CTK subsidiaries that provides 3PL logistics services as well as OBM designing services and these services will be made available on CTKCLIP soon.

Lastly, we also have plans on providing retailing solutions on CTKCLIP. We would like to facilitate B2B and B2C commerce; connecting partners, brands and clients across the globe with the ultimate goal of CTKCLIP growing into an all-rounded platform that provides a full complete range of services- right from the very initial stage of product development to the retailing end.