Based in Seoul, the CTK Cosmetics company founded in 2001 achieves more than three quarters of its turnover outside its country of origin, in particular in the US. Initially specialized in packaging, in 2017, it was transformed to implement a business model focused on the full development of cosmetic products, by relying on an active R&D service and on innovations - both formulas and packaging.

Speeding up digitalization

Much affected by the global sanitary situation, just like their customers, this year, the group turned to digital technologies to overcome the slowdown and regain agility. Within the company, a sales-force-oriented system was implemented to provide the organization with better accessibility and accuracy as regards data and data management, as well as more visibility as regards the workflow needed for each project.

Externally, the group invested in the digital transformation of their business model through CTKClip, a digital development platform reserved for their customers and accessible all around the world.

Our customers can find inspiration and create projects themselves, from A to Z, thanks to our formulation and packaging resources. We aim to improve our global reach to widen our influence in Europe, the Middle East, and China,” says Ian Chung, founder and CEO of the company.

A new innovation laboratory

CTK has just opened a new innovation laboratory specialized in formulas. The CTK Innolab will help the company meet market sustainability needs with a particularly high quality level to meet the strictest global standards.

In 2020, our development team created 137 new innovative cosmetic products, including some of the world’s best sellers in the face care, concealer, and eyeliner categories, many of them being clean and vegan formulas, in line with the current trends,” adds CTK Cosmetics Vice-President Sunny Choi.

Increasingly sustainable packaging

As for packaging, the innovations are mainly focused on sustainability, with concepts based on single materials, banking on recyclable or reusable products and using as many recycled (PCR) plastics or bioplastics possible.

Over the past 20 years, the group’s packaging division has registered 290 patents, which highlights high design and functionality creativity. The latest developments reflect a will to follow the market’s trends.

The new Bottom Up Stick enables to use the whole lipstick formula without any product waste. When the user gets to the end, they just need to turn the stick’s rotating base, exerting a slight pressure to get rid of any resistance and release the rest of the product. The content and mechanism can be separated for better material recyclability.

The Eco-Pact is a 100% recyclable compact pack for powders or balms fully based on PET. The aluminium mirror can be easily removed, so the product can be recycled.

CTK has also developed Green pumps, a series of containers and airless pumps perfectly adapted to new environmental conditions. The Eco-Green Springless pump is fully recyclable and features no spring, so the full product can be returned. The container is based on 94% PP and 6% PPM. The pumps are available in 15-ml to 100-ml sizes.