Croda International received the NYSCC [1] Award for “Most Innovative Use of Green Chemistry” at The Future of Sustainability conference on February 15, 2017. Croda was recognised for its new 100% Bio-based ECO Range of ingredients.

According to Croda, the new range will enable its customers to meet their goals of “delivering 100% renewable, high-performance products to their consumers and reduce reliance on fossil fuels.” These 100% renewable, 100% bio-based ethoxylates will be used across the multiple industries Croda serves including Personal Care

During the conference, Croda focused its presentation on its holistic approach to ingredient development, sustainable manufacturing practices and how the need for uniform values throughout the entire supply chain, combined with increasing demand for third party verification of compliance, is supporting the drive for innovation.

Fine chemicals supplier Croda received the NYSCC1 Award for “Most Innovative...

Fine chemicals supplier Croda received the NYSCC1 Award for “Most Innovative Use of Green Chemistry” at The Future of Sustainability conference on February 15, 2017. Photo : © / Chakrapong Zyn

The NYSCC honoured the top supplier and the top finished goods house in each of three different aspects of sustainability including:

- Most Sustainable Product
- Best Use of Green Chemistry and
- Most Sustainable Company.

The winner in each category was chosen by a panel of graduate students in a blind evaluation.

Croda claims a longstanding commitment to investing in sustainability. The company uses renewable raw materials and environmentally sensitive processes to help improve the sustainable credentials of end products. To date, around 70% of Croda’s raw materials come from renewable sources.

The company’s Atlas Point site in New Castle, DE, USA has experienced this commitment to sustainability through a number of other recent investments. In 2013, Croda invested $2.3 million in solar panels, which generates 5% of the site’s electricity. In 2012, Croda invested US$8 million in a renewable energy project that uses landfill gas to generate electricity and steam. The results of this project reduced Croda’s annual CO2 emissions by 11,600 tons, and these projects combined now generate more than 60% of the site’s energy. The aggregate CO2 reductions since then are the equivalent of taking 18,000 cars off the road for a year. Also in 2012, Atlas Point achieved a 78% reduction in landfill waste by increasing the use of solid waste as fuel and furthering recycling opportunities.