Eager to stick to their reputation for often being a step ahead of market trends, the organizers of the Centifolia congress - from October 19 to 21 in Grasse (southern France) - have chosen once again to address current hot topics in the perfumery and cosmetics industry with a highly innovative approach.

This year, more than ever before, Centifolia will be where the industry’s pioneers make things happen. And this congress will shake up and surprise every participant with an exciting format and concept, with enthusiastic speakers who are especially trained to present within this innovative framework, and with a unique theme: together inventing ‘the perfect product.’ Dream, illusion, or vision of the future? The inventing will be done by all participants, as the entire conference is founded on the principle of collective intelligence. This unique approach means participants will be better equipped to anticipate market developments and find the most appropriate solutions,” the organizers explain.

Once again, promotion of natural raw materials in product formulas will be the main thread of the event.

Jean-François Nouvel

Jean-François Nouvel

Jean-François Nouvel, Founder and President of the Collective Intelligence Research Institute will address, in the opening presentation, the impact of transformations affecting individuals and societies. He will also address in a later speech the notions of truth, goodness and beauty in the design of product and in the success of companies.

All the conferences will be moderated with the same approach aiming at encouraging interactivity and creativity: a very brief time slot (15-18 minutes), the speaker shares one mind-blowing idea that inspires.

World Café sessions, led by the speakers themselves, who will be present for all three days of the congress, will be inserted in the conference program. “Through a series of short conversations held around multiple tables, participants generate a multitude of brainstorming springboards, inspire one another, and get a sense of direction and clarity.

The program of the conferences is available here on the congress’ website.