Albéa’s Cream Dispenser™ is an integral dispensing roller that provides a light and uniform application of formula to the targeted skin area. The spreading and massaging action of the roller speeds formula absorption.

This smart packaging allows formula protection against any pollution thanks to an isolation valve system between the roller and base reservoir that protects the formula from environmental contaminants associated with use.

To use Cream Dispenser™, just apply directly to the targeted skin areas. When touching the skin, the roller spreads and works into the skin quickly and evenly providing a light comfortable sensation with decongestant effect and soft massaging.

Fast and easy to use, it delivers the right amount of formula for a homogeneous application while keeping the hands clean. With its easy-to-carry format, it can be used for applications on several body zones.

According to Albéa, “Cream Dispenser™ fits perfectly to different formulas such as slimming formulas, body moisturizers, men care, body make-up, sun care and specific treatments (anti-stretch marks, heavy legs treatment…).