It is a huge sigh of relief in Torello, a small Catalan town a good hour’s drive from Barcelona! "The former Covit almost died but the new Covit is back!" A company that has come a long way. The year 2010 will long be remember when the company successively switched from a family status to the one of a company acquired by a syndicate, the Group PHI, to then experience the worst industrial disaster in its history with a devastating fire which purely and simply destroyed the anodizing workshop and severely damaged nearly all the buildings of the factory.

Fourteen months later, the metamorphosis is complete! Not only does the anodizing workshop host a new fully automated anodizing line with a capacity of 350 million pieces per year, capable of handling 18 shades at a time and very flexible, but also all the buildings, including the administrative offices, have received a complete facelift. "In the new configuration of the anodizing workshop, points out Lluis M. Munné, the Manager, we already have the possibility of doubling the capacity in the coming months." For now the 150 people working in the factory are doing their best to catch up on lost time. "We didn’t lose that much time in fact, insists Maria Bofill, the Sales and Marketing Director, because with the support of our customers and the help from a number of our colleagues, and I take this opportunity to thank them, we have managed to get through this reconstruction period of nine months without really losing any orders." As a proof of this, the turnover, which was of 13.5 million euros in 2010 will reach at the end of this year 11 million!

A desire to extend geographically

The main market for the Catalan firm always being the one of perfumes and cosmetics, "I would even say more than ever", insists Bofill, "with the clear intent to increase our strategy on the high-end segment. And our means are even greater today with this new industrial tool." Perfumery, of course, but also the make-up sector where Covit achieves about 30% of its turnover with some fine designs in the mascara and lipstick segment.

A "luxury" strategy coupled with a will to geographical expand. "France still is a heavy weight, people at Torello tell us, and will remain a major country but we must go look elsewhere in Europe, North America, Russia and the Middle East." To note the imminent strengthening of the commercial team at the beginning of next year with the arrival of two new employees. With a goal for 2012, more than 13 million euros in sales.