Joan Quintana, Covit

Joan Quintana, Covit

With over 150 years of experience in the stamping of metallic parts, and thanks to this new automatic anodizing line, we can support our customers in their packaging development projects, offering a standard range but that we can customize,” explains Joan Quintana, Research and Development Coordinator. “Covit, he insists, has been known for long years on the cosmetics and perfumes market but is still often considered as a supplier of standard pieces, which is not the case anymore!

36 transfer presses

Covit’s workshop now has 36 fully checked transfer presses. The firm employs 150 staff highly specialized in designing parts for perfumery and cosmetics. "Our teams, the company claims, can develop customized products as well as new concepts for sectors that innovate constantly, such as the makeup one.

So, what is Covit’s secret asset? Maybe the fifteen engineers of the R&D and development departments who, among other things, have been working over the past two years at improving the surface and the touching sensation of pieces, in order to avoid the polishing step. Covit can now offer complex parts with different plates, stripes, geometric shapes while offering various finishing options such as pad printing, screen printing, varnishing or painting and laser. Or maybe, the company’s secret asset is its state-of-the-art laboratory! A laboratory that has been working mainly on the reduction the range of colours to ensure a better stability during the process.


In 2012, Covit generated an EBITDA of EUR 800,000. “Many of our competitors would be glad to display similar positive results!"

No wonder that the company sees the future with optimism: "We have made the demonstration that we can develop innovative products for the perfume industry, as shown by our recent launches: Couleur by Kenzo, L’eau des Merveilles and L’Ambre des Merveilles by Hermes, Dior Homme and Dior Homme Intense, by Dior, and also La Petite Robe Noire, by Guerlain, Amber for Men, by Prada and My Givenchy Dream, by Givenchy.

So, what’s the future for Covit? To strengthen its position in selective perfumery but also to its ability to offer its innovations capabilities to skin care, but also make-up brands.