When famous Italian natural beauty brand Dottoressa Reynaldi decided last year to enhance its fragrance offer, it called on Coverpla’s Italian subsidiary to help.

The project took shape in four new fragrances — Bois Tonic, Rose Taif, Blossom and Tiaré, thanks to which the brand intends to modernize its cologne and eaux de parfum collections in line with market trends. “We wanted a product that was particularly elegant with purely defined lines that would seduce both the Italian and international markets,” said the brand.

For these four fragrances, the brand selected a series of stock packaging components (bottles, caps, pumps, and pump covers) from the Coverpla’s catalog: the Elsa bottle in a 200ml format and Laura in its 50ml version, both paired with the Vintage cap in mat black and silver-colored pumps and pump covers.

Coverpla acted as a design advisor and orchestrated its art of personalizing products through the mixing and matching of the components. For this development, the Vintage cap acts as a common thread linking the various references.