Coverpla, the French manufacturer of standardised bottles and caps for perfumes and cosmetics, is launching the new range of bold and coloured DuPont Surlyn over-moulded caps. This new design option extends the range of possibilities offered to leading brands. In particular, the ability to over-mould in many different colours allows for creating unique packaging that harmonises well with brand identity, and can be customised to reflect the latest trends.

With its new overmolded cap made of DuPont Surlyn, Coverpla extends the...

With its new overmolded cap made of DuPont Surlyn, Coverpla extends the range of possible colours and decorative effects.

We constantly have to innovate and bring new products to our customers. Leading brands expect flexibility, and Surlyn gives us an incredible capacity for innovation and agility. This new cap enables brands to differentiate easily by playing with a rich palette of unique colours, decorative effects and tailored packaging styles,” says Bruno Diepois, CEO at Coverpla.

Using the over-moulding (“Surlyn 3D”) technology, this new cap is made of an inside coloured cube in Surlyn, over-moulded with a thick, crystal-clear and high-gloss layer of Surlyn. This 2-in-1 concept can be produced in multiple colours, shapes and decorative styles for the internal part of the cap, protected and accentuated by the depth and surface finish of the over-moulding. The standard size of the cap allows it to fit on the many different bottles and jars of Coverpla’s range.

In addition to providing an innovative technical solution, and beyond its outstanding tactile and optical qualities, Surlyn offers a number of functional benefits; it is robust and unbreakable, it does not chip and has excellent chemical resistance. That’s why it has been adopted for many years by leading players such as Coverpla”, emphasises Linda Maria Locatelli, Key Account Manager Europe Cosmetic Packaging at DuPont.

The Surlyn palette offers almost unlimited design variation possibilities, enabling cosmetics and perfumery professionals to respond to the growing demand from brands for clear differentiation and customisation of packaging, may it be for flankers or for small and unique series.

The palette of possibilities offered by Surlyn will be presented at Luxe Pack Monaco, from the 2nd to 4th October 2017.