A real haven for mix and match solutions, Coverpla’s catalogue offers 156 bottles and 130 caps, with two new designs added in the 2023 edition: Yuzu and Yarrow from German glassmaker Heinz Glas, with which Coverpla has a solid long-term partnership.

“Both offered in 50 and 100ml formats, the new stock bottles were selected for their differentiated original shapes. No need to add that they are both adapted to all the caps in the catalogue,” said Coverpla in a statement.

Yarrow has a geometrical stature, with a hint of the Art Nouveau in its lines. Coverpla made the decision to offer it as a stock item for ultra-fast developments.

Yuzu is more rounded, easy to handle and with thick walls for a premium sensation. It expresses its full personality with a variety of caps and decoration options. It has the advantage of a screw neck, making it a precious refillable solution.