As far as skin health is concerned, it is better to live in Montreal or Oslo than in Paris or Mumbai! At least that’s according to a recent study from digital cosmetics development platform Covalo.

This ranking is based on several criteria: air quality, average annual temperatures, days of sunlight... as well as factors related to the well-being of inhabitants, such as the average number of hours worked per week, smoking habits and stress level.

80 cities around the world

A total of 80 cities around the world, spread across five continents, were scrutinized.

Paris ranked 26th, New York 34th and Singapore 72nd. These low rankings are due to factors like air pollution, high humidity, sunny weather, work stress as well as the stress of traffic jams.

The top three cities in the world ranked as good places to live for your skin are Phoenix, Arizona, USA for its free-flowing traffic and low humidity, Oslo, Norway for its low UV index and Montreal, Quebec, Canada, a city with low annual wind speed, so "less likely to dry out the skin." Vancouver, Canada also made the top 5.

At the bottom of the list is Mumbai, India, mainly because of the traffic jams that put inhabitants on edge, but also because of the very polluted air and high humidity. Factors which, combined, "contribute to a general decline in the skin’s protective functions," argue the authors of the study.