Coty will roll-out a digitally-enabled touch-less fragrance testing device intended for use at beauty retailers within the next 12 months. Real world testing of the units at brick & mortar retail stores begins this month in key European markets, followed by a planned trial in Asia later this year.

Optimized testing

According to Coty, this digital innovation offers customers a touch-less and a less invasive testing experience. While spray testers oversaturate the air, overwhelming the senses and surrounding environment, this device delivers a single droplet of liquid directly to an arm or a blotter.

As stores are re-opening around the world, hygiene and safety have become an integral part of the experience at brick & mortar retailers. According to Coty, the creation of a new touch-less luxury ritual for testing will support those consumers that need to try perfume before buying, and ultimately will drive sales at stores.

The device also collects data to allow Coty, in partnership with retailers, to optimize the placement of the testers and the customer experience by ensuring beauty advisors are on the spot when needed.

A collaboration with Êverie

To bring this touch-less fragrance tester to life, Coty has partnered with Êverie, a French start-up specializing in smart devices, micro-dosing and diffusion technologies, A multidisciplinary group from Coty have worked alongside Êverie over the past year to develop a connected easy-to-maintain and sustainable device. According to the company, this touch-less fragrance tester is able to work for weeks without a battery recharge and reduces perfume loss compared to traditional testers. It will be compatible with all Coty’s fragrance testers and can be personalized to each of Coty’s brands.

"With the return of in-person shopping, the health and safety of our consumers are always at the forefront of our minds. Deploying a single drop of liquid to the skin with the same restitution as traditional testers, this new technology eliminates unnecessary waste and offers a safe, contact-free alternative for testing,” said Claire Catherine-Mercier, Vice President Retail Experience at Coty.