Dino Tavazzi

Dino Tavazzi

Premium Beauty News - How will Cosmoprof look like this year?

Dino Tavazzi - The 48th edition of the BolognaFiere event, organised in partnership with Cosmetica Italia, will register a total growth of 3.90%: the Perfumery and Cosmetics sector registers a growth of 10.90% compared to 2014, Cosmopack grows with a percentage of 5.80%, Hair and Cash&Carry are growing with a percentage of 5.78% and the Nail sector registers a growth of 3.70% in comparison to 2014. The 2015 edition will host 27 national collectives and, for the first time, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand and The Netherlands, with a growth up to 4.26%.

Many events have been planned for visitors to Cosmoprof and Cosmopack 2015. The beauty sector once again takes centre stage at the event, with special initiatives involving beauty therapists and spa workers from Italy and abroad. The Esthetiforum magazine will provide a space for live demonstrations of the most innovative treatments and as well as workshops focusing on the future of beauty.

For those in the spa world, the “SPA Symposium” is not to be missed. Two days of conventions and meetings will explore the case histories and experiences of spa managers from the most prestigious hotel chains and present successful products and equipment from the major firms supplying the sector.

For the first time, Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, in partnership with Allure and Estetica Network, will be organising the “Perfumery Forum” on Friday 20th March. This workshop dedicated to perfumery will tackle important subjects relating to the future of the sector, with some eminent names taking part.

Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna once again proves to be the international stage for hair fashion. The sixth edition of On Hair confirms the format as the world’s most eagerly awaited hair show. On Sunday 22nd and Monday 23rd March some of the most famous hairstylists will be on display in a packed programme of shows, catwalk parades and cult haircuts reinterpreted through their creativity and vision in line with current trends. The ever-growing audience can look forward to watching teams from Matrix with the “Icon International” event, Babyliss Pro-Rusk, Tagliati X il Successo, Toni&Guy, Farouk Systems and Keune. In partnership with the Camera Italiana dell’Acconciatura (Italian Chamber of Hairdressing), Hair Ring will be bringing a selection of the best young Italian talents onto the stage in Pavilion 25. Hair Ring Selected will take place during the day on Monday 23rd March. Four rigorously selected hair designers chosen by a panel of experts in partnership with the Camera Italiana dell’Acconciatura will be able to display their talent in a real interactive show in the Service Centre.

Premium Beauty News - You will build a mascara production line within Cosmopack this year. What is the purpose of this animation?

Dino Tavazzi - The Mascara Factory Cosmopack continues the project of The Cosmopack Factory, a special exhibition area where the manufacturing process for the most famous and widely distributed beauty products is reproduced live.

The project began with lipstick, then moved on to the technological development of face powder in the most recent edition. In 2015 the secrets of mascara will be revealed. The Mascara Factory will unveil the production chain for mascara, which is the most complicated of all make-up products because it requires a perfectly balanced combination of brush, packaging and formula. The Cosmopack limited edition mascara will be produced with reduced CO2 emissions using a manufacturing process that will gain ISO 22716 GMP certification: a first for production processes reproduced during trade fairs.

Premium Beauty News - There is also a programme of trends conferences concurrent to Cosmopack.

Dino Tavazzi - The calendar of Cosmopack Forum for 2015 is really interesting and it confirms itself as a not-to-be-missed event for companies, professionals, certification and research association, trends agencies and universities to discover the trends for the world of the supply chain which is represented by Cosmopack.

Among the issues of the forum, important eco-friendly projects will be presented, following the trends influencing the market and consumers. Besides, the beauty trends for 2016 will be a fundamental topic for the Cosmopack Forum.

Premium Beauty News - This year the International Buyers Programme will be extended to Cosmopack?

Dino Tavazzi - The International Buyer Programme is a tool that has been consolidated over the years, as the 2,000 meetings organized by Cosmoprof in 2014 with more than 400 top buyers proved. The upcoming edition will involve 25 regions of the world. It will also have an add-on, the International Buyer Programme Cosmopack, targeting buyers specialised in machinery and innovation for the cosmetics industry, contract manufacturing, packaging and raw materials.

Premium Beauty News - What about the other Cosmoprof shows in the world?

Dino Tavazzi - The international network Cosmoprof Worldwide, with its branches in Las Vegas and Hong Kong, is recognized as the international observatory for the world beauty, which reaches all the major markets in the world. In 2014, the three events in total had more than 5,000 exhibiting companies and involved over 300,000 visitors.

Furthermore, Cosmopack is confirming its international role with the International Business Forum & Exhibition, which will take place on 16 and 17 September in New York. In continuity with what started already last year during Cosmopack Symposium, the event will involve more than 100 companies in the cosmetics industry interested in entering the US market, which has been growing and growing in recent years, in particular liaising with the main distributors of the US East Coast. The international development of our network is our way of offering more and more business opportunities to our companies, facilitating the access to emerging markets.