Roller tubes

Cosmogen thus launches a new range of economic roller tubes, for any local applications of cream or gel.

The tubes stand out from the others thanks to their transparency and design.

Several versions are available:

- the Roller tube, diam. 16 or 19 mm, mounted with a stainless steel ball or ceramic ball.
- the Triball tube, an ergonomic applicator with 3 independent balls. The tube can have a valve to prevent any contamination of the formula in the tube.

Roller Tubes

Roller Tubes

A new Brush Pen generation: totally leak proof

Cosmogen’s new Brush Pen generation is now totally leak proof, this twist pen is easy to carry away, without any risk of leak.

Its nylon brush, more generous than on the classic Brush Pen, guarantees a high and precise coverage of any make-up and skincare formula : antishadow, concealer, lips care...

Pump’ n triball: ergonomic and refillable

Cosmogen extends its know-how on the Airless packs with specific applicators. After the Pump’N Tint, Cosmogen developed a high expertise applicator for skincare formulae.

The Pump’N Triball ensures a controlled dose and offers a new gesture: the distribution through two independent balls combined to a cool and massage effect with its superior ball ( ceramic or stainless steel) which enhances the formula’s penetration.