Presented during the latest Luxe Pack Monaco tradeshow, the new single-use Self-Heating Tube designed by Cosmogen enables to warm the formula to enhance its efficiency or the comfort of the application.

The new packaging is made of an inner tube, hermetically sealed and filled with a safe sodium acetate solution, inserted into an outer tube, which is filled with your formula. The warming starts when the seal is broken.

According to Cosmogen, this patented system is perfect for facial formulas like masks, body oil and eye anti-wrinkle treatments.

While the warming system can be reversed, the Self-Heating Tube is a single use product. It can be filled and sealed with conventional machinery and is proposed in the following sizes:

- Ø 19 / Ø 13mm => capacity: 3 10ml
- Ø 35 / Ø 25mm => capacity: 10 60ml