Cosmogen’s new Simple Touch tube is made of a patented internal pouch system that retracts itself while releasing the right dosage of the formula, with no air recovery. It perfectly fits the current need for a better protection of formulations and reduction of preservatives.

This innovative tube - dedicated to masks, BB cream, hand cream, scrubs, sunscreens, and hair wax/gel - protects the formula, keeps its original shape throughout its use, and effortlessly ensures more than 95% restitution of the formula,” says Cosmogen in a release.

Certified by Ecocert, this MDPE, COEX or laminate tube was designed specifically for viscous and grainy creams in order to offer an improved performance compared with an airless tube.

Technical features

- Body: MDPE, COEX or Laminate

- Pouch: PE multilayer, monolayer

- Cap: PP