Sothys revealed early February its new colour vision through a new line "L’essence du maquillage."

The brand entrusted the development of its new brushes to Cosmogen. The professional set includes seven brushes. Each has been designed for a specific application, in response to high-level brand requirements. Tuft shapes, hair quality and the pouch coming with each reference, have been designed to provide a memorable and flawless application to Sothys’ clients.


- Powder brush: for compact powders - Natural Hair

- Foundation brush: for uniform application - 2 shades Nylon fibres

- Blush brush: beveled shape for easy and precise application of blush from cheeks towards the temples - Natural fibres

- Eye Brush 10: to create colour gradients and blend the eye area - Mixed natural and synthetic fibres

- Eyes Brush 20: round shape to sculpt the eyelid and intensify the eyes - Natural fibres

- Eyebrow Brush: to brush and arrange eyebrows - Nylon brush

- Lip Brush: to colour lips with precision - Synthetic fibres