Clarins selected Cosmogen Shake’n Powder for the renovation of its Skin Illusion Foundation Powder Free: a light powder for the promise of a more beautiful tint than natural skin tone.

For Clarins, Cosmogen developed specifically a cap and a single brush: an applicator brush with extremely soft fibers, allowing a gentle application and powder evenly onto the face. Retractable and compact, it fits easily and holds perfectly in the cap thanks to a magnetized technical feat!

Shake’n Powder is a jar for loose powder. It’s an exclusive and patented dosing system, which distributes with accuracy a controlled amount of free powder with a few shakes of the jar. This concept allows the formula to work directly into the sieve and a brush that promises a "clean" use of loose powder. Finally, this airtight jar protects the formula against moisture for optimum preservation and hygiene.

A nomadic must-have for ultra-easy use foundation and a sensory experience for every moment of the day,” says Cosmogen.

Technical specifications Clarins product:

Thick walls Injected in clear PETG.
Bottom Plug in PP (filling through the bottom)
Customization: lacquering icing effect with 1 pass of white silkscreen

ABS + overmolded insert cap
Two magnets for brush holding onto the cap
Customization: metallized - shiny gold

Synthetic hairs extremely thin and soft
Handle : shiny gold anodized aluminium
Insert of 2 stainless steel pads for magnetizing onto the cap

Capacity: 10g – 5g