Renaud van den Berg

Renaud van den Berg

Premium Beauty News - A new chapter begins for Cosmogen! A company that has never stopped evolving...from distributor to designer/creator and which now can boast having a full mastery of the entire manufacturing process...

Renaud van den Berg - This is certainly what best characterizes Cosmogen. Its constant adaptability! Cosmogen is first and foremost, a French company pioneering in the design and manufacturing of cosmetic packagings and applicators. We offer cosmetic brands brushes, accessories and packaging solutions dedicated to the application of skincare and make-up products.

Constant research on new concepts with many patents filed has strengthened our expertise and extended our skills in powder dispensing systems and fluid bulk for make-up and skincare lines.

Every year our turnover increases steadily by more than 13%. It actually reflects our specialization strategy: We create value on the segment of cosmetic products application.

The increasingly stringent selection of our industrial partners is conducted through technical, environmental and social audits, and they are a key component of our activity. We consider them more as partners than suppliers.

We chose to specialize in the application and the preservation of cosmetic products in order to focus our resources on two objectives: Reach excellence in terms of quality, responsiveness and services and maintain a high technological level of innovation.

Premium Beauty News - Make-up and skincare are on a par in you activity? And innovation is a requirement...

Renaud van den Berg - Quite true. Note that in skincare, there is very strong demand for "accessories" and "applicators". As for make-up, it is clear that the sector has been evolving at a phenomenal rate. Formulas are gaining more and more importance, significantly impacting the entire supplier industry with always more "full service". So much so that we decided a few months ago to set up a specific team that would be dedicated to this activity and to be closer to formulators.

The constant improvement of different application and preservation techniques for cosmetic formulations is central to our concerns. Our technical teams have adopted a steady pace of innovation and regularly come up with new creations and patents.

We participate with our customers’ marketing teams to the development of specific application solutions. Our flexible structure allows us to be highly responsive and to quickly implement projects by reducing the development cycle, from the submission phase of the project to the finalization of industrial moulds.

Premium Beauty News - You have a global footprint?

Renaud van den Berg - Our commercial structure has expanded over the years. We of course have operations in Europe, but also in the United States, Brazil and China, to be closer to key accounts, however globalized they are. We ship daily on every continent: Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Premium Beauty News - With this new reshuffling of cards, MBO Partners is strengthening its collaboration with you!

Renaud van den Berg - As you know, MBO Partners is a company that helps ambitious entrepreneurs by supporting them financially in transmission and development operations in France and Spain. It has just raised its fourth fund, (EUR 250 million), bringing its managed funds to a total of EUR 580 million. Cosmogen is therefore continuing to grow in beauty with MBO Partners by involving the Management team.