At Beautyworld Middle East 2023, which will take place from October 30th to November 1st, 2023, at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Cosmo International Fragrances will invite visitors to embark an olfactive journey of (re)enchantment inspired from Alice’s Wonderland.

"The past years have left us grappling with the COVID- 19 pandemic, economic crises, political uprisings, climate warnings, natural disasters, and wars. We aim to rediscover joy, connection, and the blissful innocence we once cherished. We now long for an era of re-enchantment, where emotions and happiness take center stage. The adventures of Wonderland have served as a source of inspiration, embodying innocence and wonder and capturing the journey of wisdom," said Alexandrine Demachy, General Manager of Fine Fragrances at Cosmo in Paris.

Crafted from natural ingredients produced by the company, the ’Wonderland’ collection features exclusive fragrances and candles that weave narratives of surprising creatures and inhabitants of this fantastic land.

For instance, ’I am late!’ interprets a White Rabbit who perpetually checks the time with a vibrant woody and energetically spicy fragrance. ’Drink Me! Potion’ features a fruity, addictive, and tempting scent that you can’t resist. Meanwhile, ’The Blue Caterpillar’, with its distinct blue appearance and smoking a hookah pipe, is portrayed through an ambery fragrance with intense notes of mysterious tobacco and smoke.

During the show, Cosmo International Fragrances will also present a selection of natural ingredients from their exclusive raw materials portfolio. Some of these ingredients include:

 Timur CO2 from Nepal, a sustainable and ethical ingredient with distinct facets of passion fruit, grapefruit, pepper, and zest,
 Ma-Kwaen CO2 from Thailand, offered for the first time in perfumery, delivers spicy and aldehydic notes with a splash of freshness and fizziness with powerful citrus and bitter orange notes,
 Upcycled Sandalwood Album from Australia, which re-explores the classic sandalwood scent with modern notes of woods, coffee, walnut, caramel, and incense,
 Osmanthus Craftivity from China, with an exclusive extraction method that uses a bio-sourced solvent to replace the traditional absolute process, provides apricot, floral, tea, leather, and honeyed tones,
 Mate Craftivity from Brazil, smoky, green, violet, and tea leaf notes.

In the previous edition of Beautyworld Middle East hosted over 44,250 visitors from 138 countries and 1800 exhibitors from 68 countries.

Agenda: The main trends in the global fragrance market will be among the topics discussed at the next edition of the Fragrance Innovation Summit. Details and registrations: