Organised by Cosmet’In Lyon and Skinobs, the Cosmetotest symposium will be held on 27 and 28 of January 2022, in Lyon, France.

The symposium is organised in partnership with the SFI2C and the DIIP and will provide cosmeticians with the possibility to attend academic lectures, to interact with other participants. The event will also be an opportunity to meet test partners, exhibitors, CROs or instrumentation manufacturers, and to participate in demonstrations of devices carried out by exhibitors

The Symposium will highlight two main topics:

1. Preclinical Evaluation in-tubo, in-vitro, or ex-vivo (Thursday January 27, 2022)
- Session 1: Pollution - Inflammation - Allergy
- Session 2: Sun - Pigmentation – Aging
- Session 3: Test of the Content-Container Interaction

2. Clinical Objectivation (in vivo on human skin and hair (Friday January 28. 2022)
- Session 1: Gloss and radiance of the skin and the hair
- Session 2: Barrier function of the skin
- Session 3: Sensitive Skin

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Pre-programme, here below: