Cosmetics Europe Week returns in Brussels from 13 to 17 June 2016. The third edition of the event organised by the trade association representing the cosmetics industry in Europe marks 40 years of harmonized EU cosmetics legislation (the first European legislation on cosmetics was voted in 1976). The weeklong series of events will explore major global trends and strategic issues in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

"Let's not forget there is much of which the EU can be proud." - John Chave,...

"Let’s not forget there is much of which the EU can be proud." - John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe

On 15-16 June, the Cosmetics Europe International Regulatory and Scientific Conference, will focus on key issues in relation to the evolution of the industry’s scientific and regulatory landscape. During the 2-day international conference, participants will be able to attend scientific and regulatory sessions led by experts on various topics such as alternatives to animal testing and dealing with chemicals in the absence of animal testing, plastic micro particles, CMR, e-commerce, product environmental footprint and ingredients safety.

For the first time, Cosmetics Europe, in partnership with SEURAT-1, will be organizing an exhibition and educational tour tackling main developments and areas relating to animal-free safety assessment.

The EU cosmetics Regulation is a model for the world, helping to ensure that personal care products meet the needs and expectations of consumers and that - above all - they are safe. Let’s not forget there is much of which the EU can be proud. This year’s Cosmetics Week is a celebration of that, but it is also an opportunity to look into the future. It is important to highlight best practices and raise awareness of what is to expect in the regulatory and scientific environment across the EU and beyond”, said John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

Cosmetics Europe Week will also feature one full day of high-level discussions on global trends and international cooperation during the Open Forum “Personal Care in a Changing World” and the International Symposium “Doing Business in China: An Update on Regulatory Developments, E-commerce and Market Access” taking place on 14 June.

It becomes a growing necessity for our industry to focus on new frontiers in personal care and look at global developments such as the evolution of digitalized markets, new product trends, sustainability and international cooperation in this rapidly changing world,” added John Chave.

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