European and international cosmetics and personal care industry professionals will gather again in Brussels to discuss global trends and the latest industry developments at Cosmetics Europe Week 2017. The conference, organised annually by the European trade association Cosmetics Europe, will take place on 13-16 June.

The Cosmetics Europe Week 2017 will take place on 13-16 June at The Hotel...

The Cosmetics Europe Week 2017 will take place on 13-16 June at The Hotel Brussels, Boulevard de Waterloo 38, 1000 Brussels - Belgium (Photo: © Premium Beauty Media)

Under this year’s theme “More than meets the eye: the benefits of cosmetics and personal care”, over 300 industry experts, policy makers, decision makers and companies are expected to explore the contribution of cosmetics to well-being, and to the European economy. They will also delve into the complexities of cosmetics regulation.

With 500 million European citizens using cosmetic and personal care products every day, at this year’s Cosmetics Europe Week, we decided to look at the benefits that cosmetic and personal care products bring to our lives. With a line-up of expert speakers, we will address this issue from industry and consumers’ perspectives as well as explore the social and economic dimension,” said John Chave, Director-General of Cosmetics Europe.

This year, Cosmetics Europe Week 2017 will comprise two parts: Open Forum and Regulatory Day:

- The Open Forum on 14 June, will address issues such as consumer perceptions of cosmetics, current economic trends, and science in policy making. The day will finish with the International Symposium on Doing Business in India.
- The Regulatory Day (15 June), will provide in-depth analysis and discussion of key current issues in cosmetics regulation. Participants will be able to choose from a number of breakout sessions led by regulatory experts on such topics as personalised products, acceptable maximum exposure to substances, ISO standards on natural/organic cosmetics, risk management of skin allergy, role of distributors in regulation and enforcement and regulatory consequences of Brexit.

To get familiar with the full programme of Cosmetics Europe Week 2017 and register, visit the conference website, here.