With an emphasis on sustainability, product safety and wellbeing, the ‘Essentials for Daily Life’ series brings into focus the sometimes overlooked ways in which the cosmetics sector enhances the lives of consumers on a daily basis. It offers a behind- the-scenes look at the cosmetics and personal care sector, exploring what it is doing to enhance people’s lives, support the planet and improve products.

It is a unique opportunity to showcase aspects of our industry which are not widely known or understood. The stories in the series give a real insight into our innovative and forward-looking industry. I would like to thank the partner companies and associations who have made this amazing journey possible,” said John Chave, Director General of Cosmetics Europe.

The video series is intended to inform audiences of the key trends and developments in the highly complex and continually evolving cosmetics sector, challenging misconceptions, and developing a better understanding of the scale and economic impact that cosmetics have across the continent.

Developed in partnership with Apivita, Beauté Pacifique, Henkel, IKW, Ilcsi, Inuacare, Ivatherm, Kao, Kemon, L’Occitane, L’Oréal, Laponie, NAOS, Orkla, Pierre Fabre, Procter and Gamble, Symrise, Unilever and Weleda, the series can be seen on the ‘Essentials for Daily Life’ website since the 11th of June and will be promoted on social networks.

Kao’s Refill Revolution

Among the various videos presented, the documentary "The Refill Revolution" shows how Kao has revolutionized the Japanese household and personal care market with its refill packs that have reduced the amount of plastic used in these categories by more than 70% versus a do-nothing scenario.

In 1991, the company introduced a refill packaging system that serves both the environment as well as the consumer. The refill pouches are produced with a thin plastic film that significantly reduces the amount of plastic needed and enables consumers to use up even the last drop of product. "We have been able to convert 80% of all packages purchased in the household and personal care categories here in Japan to these thin film refillable packages," points out Dave Muenz, Senior Vice President ESG (Environnement, Social, Gouvernance) at Kao. "That has resulted in a 74% reduction in the sheer amount of plastic that is used in those categories."

The Kao film, along with the other videos in "Essentials For Daily Life" series, might contribute to offer an alternative vision on the cosmetics industry.