Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley

Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley

The strategic plan presented by both Directors is divided into ten main points:

- Restructuring the cluster to reach a critical mass. The number of members of the Cosmetic Valley increased tenfold in ten years, to reach 460 contributing companies in late 2016. These companies represent a large share of the turnover generated by all the industry’s players (26 billion euros out of an estimated 30 billion). However, Marc-Antoine Jamet considers the potential is not exploited everywhere, as 1,500 to 2,000 companies may still be tempted to join. As a result, he plans to get rid of the initial regional boundaries, and restructure the organization by adopting new statutes, so that any company, wherever it is based, may become a member.

- Getting the network global. The process was initiated in 2016, with the launch of the Cosmetics Cluster International Network, which gathers 17 international clusters today, and will enter its operational phase in 2017. The network aims to pool both services and information and help companies develop on the global level. In addition, the Cosmétopée project for the preservation of plants and traditional know-how initiated by Jean-Luc Ansel is now integrated to the “Sud Expert Plantes” programme, which gathers 22 countries.

- Establishing a plural Made in France movement. The idea is to keep going with the implementation of DESTs (fields of territorial strategic excellence) on the new areas of competence of the regions, to better highlight the values of the Marque France (performance, safety, environmental protection). In practical terms, the aim is to initiate research projects in these territories, like the Open Lab Cosmetomics in Cergy Pontoise, in the suburbs of Paris, the Certesens research and studies centre on sensorial technologies in the city of Tours, or Cosmetolab in Evreux.

- Supporting research dynamics. By pursuing the Cosmetosciences programme, the Cosmetic Valley] aims to place science and universities at the core of the exchanges with the private sector. The objective is to pool synergies. Among others, scientific workshops will be organized every three months with a university. The first will be held soon at the Parisian university of Jussieu – the theme is yet to be defined.

- Making companies commit to an innovation process. The cluster intends to enhance innovation in SMEs/microbusinesses by providing individual, regular support, and facilitating exchanges via the Cosmetup platform. Since it was founded two years ago, 50 SME and entrepreneur projects have been supported.

- Organizing multiple events. As a desire to share knowledge and provide professionals with training programmes, the annual schedule of congresses, colloquia, and debates was enriched to reach seven events this year.

- Becoming a supervisor… by making the Regulatory Congress, a major annual event in Chartres, south-west of Paris, designed to favour both control and knowledge of national and global regulations, an instrument to produce standards.

- Supporting SMEs at major international shows. The major international shows at which the Cosmetic Valley supports French companies constitute another example of events essential to the development of the industry. The association will be a special guest at the China Beauty Expo 2017 and will take part in In-Cosmetics Global in London, Beauty World Middle East in Dubai, and Cosmoprof Asia in Hong Kong. Until now, the cluster shared this mission with BUSINESSFRANCE, but now they would like to take care of it themselves, by signing an agreement.

- Encouraging digital development and Beauty Tech. Determined to encourage research projects in the digital field, the cluster will accelerate the Beautytech programme in September 2017 to help the industry’s start-ups develop abroad and lay the foundations of a Cosmetics Big Data Hub.

- Boosting innovation with the Cosmetic 360 show. As a major player in the industry re-emerging on the international scale, the Cosmetic Valley intends to make Cosmetic 360 a weighty event on the global level. As a showcase for innovation, the key theme of the show since it was created in 2015, it will be reinforced in 2017 with more diverse exhibitors, by adding innovative solutions from other business areas like the food or digital industries. On top of that, this year, an 800m2 area will be dedicated to the creativity of start-ups.