Franckie Béchereau, Cosmetic 360

Just like every year, the Cosmetic 360 show organized by the Cosmetic Valley will gather decision makers in the cosmetics and perfume industry and focus on a theme intended to delve into a forward-looking issue. The Cleantech theme chosen covers all technologies serving the green transition: decarbonation, waste management, circular economy, biomaterials...

We are committed to highlighting the inspirations, whether they have already found applications or not, that can be useful to the cosmetics and perfume industry and contribute to its progress as regards environmental protection”, explains Franckie Béchereau.

Sharing experiences, solutions, and applications

This common theme is vivid in the four-session programme of conferences. The first session will deal with new responsible consumption patterns: refills, bulk products, solid formulas... The trends will be highlighted by Beautystream and Euromonitor, among others. The second session will be focused on packaging ecoresponsibility: players like Aptar, Albéa and Minelli Group will share their own experiences. Then, the cosmetics industry decarbonation will be dealt with at the third session, through solutions like the biomass or the energy transition of manufacturing processes. Lastly, biosourced ingredients and technologies nurturing the circular economy will be addressed as part of the fourth session. Players like L’Oréal, Givaudan, LVMH and the Fondation de la Mer will provide their own visions and innovations.

In the exhibition zone, various animation areas – both new and long-standing ones – will also be focused on the central theme, putting forward clean technology solutions.

The brand new Innovation Center set up in partnership with IDEC, a company which provides support in implementing an energy transition, will gather a series of startups committed to new solutions. “It is a new, very strong area, because the industry is highly concerned with this issue. We will provide solutions to the cosmetics industry’s environmental challenges. The green and energy transition is definitely an innovation and competitiveness issue now”, says the Director.

A Cleantech “totem” will help visitors spot the new ecoresponsible solutions showcased by the 250 exhibitors.

And this year, a transversal award for the Best Cleantech Innovation will join the Cosmetic 360 Awards that recognize the best innovation in each expert field.

The Tech Corner, in partnership with CNRS (The French National Center for Scientific Research), will put the spotlight on a green continuous flow extraction and potentiation technology intended to exacerbate the biological activity of molecules.

The Factory will gather suppliers offering solutions to reduce water and energy consumption in the cosmetics industry.

And this year, the Startup Station will welcome about 30 young companies developing clean innovations. It is sponsored by Beauty Tech Chartres, which will emphasize the support provided to entrepreneurs in developing their companies.

Lastly, Greentech will offer an immersive experience involving a 3D screen technology for the development of sustainable ingredients.

As the organizers, we are also committed to getting the LEAD label certification attributed to sustainable events”, says the Director.

Also, Artificial Intelligence and other digital technologies (Blockchain, RFID, additive manufacturing...) will be introduced in the Deeptech area, through practical demonstrations of their industrial applications.

We will reproduce a value chain live, so visitors can follow the product, check how it is controlled, identified, and eventually sold to customers. Each partner will showcase a technology at different phases”, explains Franckie Béchereau.

As far as trends are concerned, two new zones were created this year. The first will be dedicated to perfumes – the Centdegrés agency will offer a global approach to the market –, the other to K Beauty, with South-Korean brand Elroel.

Networking at the Cosmetic 360 Week

As a complement to the show’s business meeting objective, various events will take place during the week of October 16-22, with industrial and cultural visits related to research, innovation, and distribution. These will include a tour to a vertical farm in Tarascon, in the south of France, a Retail Tour, a symposium on sustainable development organized by the Canadian Cosmetic Cluster, and of course, the Gala night, the key networking event of the week.

Announcements for 2024

This year’s show should be inaugurated by the French Ministers of Ecological Transition and Industry, Mr Béchu and Mr Lescure. So far, with 250 exhibitors, the companies’ participation has been the most significant since the event was created.

There is a resolute return of global companies, after the Covid pandemic, in particular Chinese ones, but also new delegations, such as a Belgian group, and Canadians and Iranians as visitors. We are actually expecting 4,500 visitors this year”, says Franckie Béchereau.

These dynamics will be further highlighted with the 2024 show announcement: Cosmetic 360 will celebrate its 10th anniversary next year.

We will announce special operations to achieve a strong global reach”, promises the Director.