Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley

Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley

"The market is driven by new product developments and launches with a strong desire for innovation and where there constant new challenges: within a 4 year span 30% of new products appear on the market and half of the products that will be on the market within the next five years are unknown today,” said Marc-Antoine Jamet, President of the Cosmetic Valley. "Innovation is essential and this new event will be a showcase for French innovation."

The Cosmetic Valley’s leading team is convinced that innovation is the key to the attractiveness and international fame of made in France cosmetics. Building up on an increasing number of members, a network of 800 companies and eight universities including a total of 200 laboratories and 8,600 researchers over a territory covering three French regions (Centre, Normandy and Ile-de-France), they want to gather under the same roof what the best innovations of the cosmetics supply chain, from France and the rest of the world.

A 360-degree view on innovation

Highlighting the originality of the concept, Jean-Luc Ansel says that "each stand will be equipped with a hoarding describing the showcased innovation and not the name of the company.

Contrasting with the recent trend toward increasingly specialized events, Cosmetic 360 aims to gather a wide span of cosmetic innovations: functional packaging (digital packaging, antimicrobial packaging, interactive packaging combining LED and microprocessors...), new materials (ceramics, bio-based materials), new actives (molecules from the cosmetopea, anti-microbial natural raw materials, anti-pollution actives...), new testing and measurement equipment (contact free acoustic rheology, high-resolution ultrasound for cosmetic applications, ex vivo objectification...), new manufacturing equipment, new products (alcohol-free perfumed balls, customised cosmetics, connected beauty, augmented reality...).

SMEs and multinationals

Managing more than a hundred research projects involving SMEs, large groups and academic laboratories, the Cosmetic Valley also intends to promote exchanges between these various operators. The organizers of Cosmetic 360 thus offer leading cosmetics groups the opportunity to participate in the event through dedicated open innovation spaces where they can have pre-arranged appointments to discuss innovative projects with companies picked up from a list produced by the organizers.

For the other participants, "start up desks" at 2,500 euros, 4.5 sqm mini stands at 3,300 euros or 7.5 sqm stands at 5,200 euros should allow all categories of companies to take part to the event.

Scheduled on 15-16 October 2015, Cosmetic 360 will be held at the Carrousel du Louvre on 3000 sqm and is expected to host 100 to 150 exhibitors for its first edition and about 4,000 French and foreign visitors, according the organizers’ forecast.