We have lots of surprises in store for you, with some exciting highlights and new special display areas:

- The COSMETIC 360 Awards ceremony, which will reward the best innovations presented at the trade fair in six categories
- The start-up zone featuring 16 innovative start-ups
- The COSMETIC 360 Factory demonstration area, which will showcase machines and equipment
- The Tech Corner and its unique technology: “Touchy Finger”
- You will also find our partners and sponsors: Greentech Experience, a deep dive into the heart of ingredients by means of virtual reality; Beauty Tech Chartres will let you delve into the heart of the start-up ecosystem; Team France Export with solutions to help French companies export their products; players from the world of packaging with Glass Valley, and more.

And two more major events organised by Cosmetic Valley will be part of this edition of the 48-hours COSMETO experience:

- The Summit of the French fragrance and cosmetics industry, following on from the National Conference launched in October 2020 (reservation required) https://sommet.cosmetic-valley.com/ )
- The 48-hours COSMETO network evening for informal chats amid a friendly setting, culminating in a presentation on the values of 21st century cosmetics (reservation required) www.cosmetic-360.com/fr/pages/soiree-reseau-48h-cosmeto-207.html )

Don’t forget, thanks to its digital platform, open in parallel with the face-to-face edition, from 13 September, COSMETIC 360 will be held in a hybrid format combining face-to-face and online meetings, for an optimised trade fair experience.

On the digital platform, from 13 September, you will find:

- All the exhibitors attending the face-to-face event, as well as our 100% online exhibitors, and check out a preview of the innovations they will be presenting on 13 and 14 October. Start the discussion and schedule digital meetings from 13 September to 11 October, or in person on 13 and 14 October.
- Exclusive video content in webinar format, produced by our partners on the subjects of exports and distribution, as well as lots of exhibitor webinars.
The list of all the visitors who have already signed up to attend the trade fair, including our international visitors who could not come to the Carrousel du Louvre on 13 and 14 October.
- Teasers on the different fields of activity that you will have the chance to learn about on 13 and 14 October...

What’s more, for a seamless visit on 13 & 14 October, the mobile app will allow you to:

- Consult the map of the exhibition hall interactively
- See the list of exhibitors
- Check your agenda and make appointments in person
- Scan the badges of other attendees and gather their contact details effortlessly

NB: the purchase of a visitor’s badge (price €40 excl. VAT) includes entry to the trade fair on 13 and 14 October, as well as access to the digital platform from 13 September 2021 (closing date 31 October).

Order your badge today: www.cosmetic-360.com/fr/pages/inscription-visiteur-27.html