Hajime Suzuki, Reed Exhibitions Japan

Hajime Suzuki, Reed Exhibitions Japan

Cosme Tech Cosme Tokyo is now an Asian event, not only a Japanese event,” says Hajime Suzuki, the show manager. “As far as cosmetics are concerned, Japan is a very attractive market because of its size, but also because it is a real trendsetter in Asia.

More than 200 international exhibitors

Actually, the number of international exhibitors more than doubled compared to the previous edition. Numerous brands coming from other Asian countries, but also from Europe, Australia, the United States, Africa and the Middle East presented their products during the three-day exhibition. Among them, a high proportion of natural and organic cosmetic brands, a trend Premium Beauty News already pointed out at the previous edition. “There’s a strong demand in Asia for natural products, and while they still need to be educated, consumers are increasingly aware, about what does that mean in terms of quality and about the importance of certification,” says Karen Kung of Naveen, a Taiwanese organic skincare brand certified by Soil Association.

In the Cosme Tech part of the show, the section dedicated to packaging and ingredient suppliers, the number of international exhibitors was also on the rise while Asian operators remained, by far, the most numerous.

Japanese are much more curious and much more interested in international innovation than before,” explains Hajime Suzuki.

An attractive but difficult market

Riding on this trend, the organizers say their aim is to double the size of the show by the next three years, and to gather a thousand exhibitors at the next edition in January 2017. “We want our show to become the trendsetting centre for cosmetics in Asia,” states Hajime Suzuki.

To ensure its growth, the tradeshow relies on exhibitors and visitors from South Asia’s dynamic markets - Thailand already had a large collective stand this year - but also on an increased participation of leading global cosmetics makers: Korea, Turkey, USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Poland.

However, despite its attractiveness, the Japanese cosmetics market - as many others - remains a very difficult one, with specific codes and a high level of competition.

There are a plenty product categories and very high quality requirements. As a consequence, ordered quantities are quite low,” explains Tony Zhang, Sales & Marketing Director Asia at HCT.

The organizers have invested heavily to facilitate business relations. "We organised a briefing session for all international exhibitors on the eve of the opening on the particularities of the business in Japan," said Hajimi Suzuki.

An online system to organise appointments before the show was also provided to exhibitors and visitors. "It allowed us to contact agents and importers who interested us, and then to meet them at the show, it’s very effective," explains Thierry Recouvrot from French brand Plantes & Parfums de Provence.

The next edition of Cosme Cosme Tokyo Tech will be held from 23 to 25 January 2017.