Two years after the launch of Ultralight coffret, Cosfibel Premium is launching a new version that is entirely foldable and glue-free. [1]

Launched in 2009 and awarded the Pack&Green Prize in 2011, Ultralight has since been selected by Moët & Chandon, Jack Daniels, Johnnie Walker and Swiss luxury skincare company Valmont.

Ultralight is a patented packaging that is both luxurious and ecological. Indeed, this carton board coffret is surprisingly lightweight while remaining stiff and thick and features a highly streamlined design with wide edges, sharp angles. It is also easily recycled,Cosfibel explains.

In addition, the new version is entirely foldable and can be produced entirely in Asia or Europe.

To safeguard the sharp angles and allow the folding coffret to be more practical, it was conceived with the technique of « scoring ». This folding system relies on two grooves of 45° each that create a perfect right angle when mounted. A detent system allows mounting the coffret without glue.

This is an eco-conceived packaging solution with a modern design and which can be delivered flat, which is a space saver, cuts down on transportation costs and provides premium packaging,Cosfibel concludes.