Since its creation in 2002, Cosfibel Network (56 million euros turnover in 2014, or +13 % compared to 2013) has continued to develop its Urban Network, a network of sales offices focusing on creativeness and proximity.

For the assembly of Lancôme's Beauty Box, Cosfibel Premium called on...

For the assembly of Lancôme’s Beauty Box, Cosfibel Premium called on handicapped workers in China for the Asian market and in France for Europe.

Working with a client in its own local market or internationally is key to the company’s,” explains Cosfibel Premium in a release.

In Europe, the group is present in Paris, Edinburgh, London and Barcelona, and in Asia it has locations in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Singapore. In the Americas, in addition to its presence in New York and Mexico, Cosfibel Premium has grown its network with offices in Miami, Lima and Bogota.

In 2015, Cosfibel Premium will open an office in Dubai, UAE.

Through this proximity network, Cosfibel Premium aims to service both global brands and major local players.

In tandem with its sales offices, the company is also expanding its sourcing network. In addition to China, a historic supply partner, Cosfibel Premium has selected partners in Turkey, Tunisia and Portugal to reduce time to market—a crucial aspect in the promotional segment.

Along with its global presence, Cosfibel Premium offers creative and technical expertise, value analysis, oversight of logistics and full service and a code of ethics. In a market rife with consolidation, Cosfibel Premium is the only company with such a wide offer,” the company adds.

Social commitment

Recent months have also been marked by the success of the CARES program, in particular in China, France and Turkey.

Launched by Cosfibel in fall 2012, the CARES program (or Cosfibel Actions for Responsible and Ethical Sourcing) campaigns for diversity, solidarity and an ethical stance both in the workplace and in its business relationships. Within this approach, Cosfibel partners with companies committed in the fight against exclusion of minorities and the underprivileged.

Lancôme’s Beauty Box (Christmas 2014) is a prime example of what this program can do: for its assembly, wedge, product packing, wrapping and shipping, Cosfibel Premium called on handicapped workers in China for the Asian market and in France for Europe.