With their Plum in Cognac fragrance, recently awarded by the Fragrance Foundation, Scents of Wood has made a remarkable and exclusive entry into the world of perfumery.

To support its development, the high perfumery brand called on Cosfibel Premium to produce a box and a shipper adapted to the multiple constraints of e-commerce as well as to the desire to offer customers a standout unboxing experience.

Inspired by the essences and sensuality of wood, the brand offers olfactory aesthetes the possibility of a sensory journey through its new products or existing fragrances with a box they receive monthly and including fragrance samples, a candle and a booklet. Produced in a limited edition, the box is available on subscription and is exclusively distributed by mail order.

Combining aesthetics and functionality

The first challenge was to design a light, sober, practical box that evokes the sensuality of wood. To that end, Cosfibel studio designed a paper and cardboard drawer box that renders the aspect and texture of tree bark through a set of printing and varnish. Inside, an EVA tray helps hold the products. Without glue, the tray can easily be removed to facilitate the recycling of the packaging. Also printed in black, the associated shipper is made from corrugated cardboard to remain light and strong.

Since the recent launch of its e-commerce collection, Cosfibel is seeing growing demand from brands. This tailor-made development confirms the group’s entry into this segment, which is a perfect fit with its multi-material expertise and its creativity in terms of design marketing,” said the company in a release.