Ilan Schinazi, CEO of Cosfibel Premium

Ilan Schinazi, CEO of Cosfibel Premium

Centred on prestige promotional packaging, Cosfibel Premium sees proximity with its customers as a major growth contributor and a key element of its strategy. As part of this approach, it recently opened an office in Dubai.

In order keep focused on the demands of its customers and the constant evolution of the market, Cosfibel Premium has organized its presence around the world into an Urban Network. According to the company, this global presence allows the reduction of time to market, so crucial in the promotional market.

Packaging and promotional items are a local business. Understanding the needs of our customers is essential. We owe it to them be as responsive as possible,” explains Ilan Schinazi, CEO of Cosfibel Premium.

EUR 10 million in the next three years

After opening an office in Miami in 2015, reinforcing its presence in both North and South America, Cosfibel Premium has now opened in Dubai, a strategic area with high growth rates. Actually, Cosfibel Premium clearly states its ambition is to become a leader in luxury packaging and promotional items in the Middle East (including the GCC countries, Lebanon, Egypt and Iran) over the next three years.

This part of the world promises strong growth potential with its young population and high purchasing power, especially in fragrance and cosmetics,” continues Schinazi. “The population is extremely active on social media and keen to discover new products. We owe it to ourselves to be present there. Our aim is to achieve sales of around 10 million euros in the Middle East in the next three years in the beauty and retail sectors.

To date, Cosfibel Premium is present in 15 different markets worldwide. In the second half of 2016, the group will open offices in Japan and California.