Stanislas Peronnet, Director of operations, Cosfibel

Present in the Americas since 2004, Cosfibel is reinforcing its presence in the region with the opening of a new subsidiary in Brazil.

Supplier of global packaging and merchandising solutions, Cosfibel is focusing on client proximity—one of its working model’s three founding principles along with differentiation and reliability. This strategy has resulted in the creation of an Urban Network® [1], which allows Cosfibel to be close to its clients in urban areas and respond to their presentation and product display needs at the point-of-sale.

Cosfibel supplies total solutions: from the initial contact and the first order through to distribution, conception, technique and logistics often linked to prior referrals from major players and their headquarters, but also for independent clients with a desire to safeguard their identity. This is the goal of the new Sao Paulo-based subsidiary.

Cosfibel is launching in a strategic market for its size, one with dynamic local business featuring high-growth domestic brands and cosmetics multinationals. Cosfibel aims to develop its business both in the cosmetics and the wine and spirits sectors.