Cosfibel, the group chaired by Alain Chevassus, its founder, and managed by Ilan Schinazi, presented its new boxes, primary packaging, Christmas coffrets and promotional items during a special event in Paris (France) and on the occasion of Luxe Pack Monaco.

The company highlighted Crystal sharp, its new line of make up and skin care featuring eleven references (lipstick, mascara, and gloss primary packaging, blush, powder and eye shadow boxes…) and P-R-O, a line devoted to make-up professionals and aestheticians. The P-R-O lines includes a “click-pen” with five different brushes.

Cosfibel also displayed a series of new boxes and coffrets, such as the Bombox, which is stackable thanks to its thermoformed bubble shape, or the Origami Box, the Magic Box and the Spring Box, with their original opening systems.

Additionally, the group showcased shopping bags mixing paper and thermoformed materials for the decorative finishing.

With a turnover of USD 100 million, the Cosfibel Group employs 240 staff, and runs three manufacturing units in Europe (two in France and the other one in Spain). Cosfibel also works with a several suppliers and subcontractors around the world.

In 2000, the group chose to open offices in every city where there is a demand for its packaging, giving this “Urban network” the mission to trade its products and to monitor local markets. This original strategy brought almost ten branch offices to the group. Most recently, it has opened Moscow, London and Freiburg offices.

The group’s managers tell they are focusing their action around three main strategic axes:

- to bet on a their capacity to serve several sectors with different types of materials,
- to specialise the company in special products,
- to invest in creativity, quality of their manufacturing and sourcing processes, along with the proximity to the group’s clientele through the “Urban network”.