With Corrugated box and Smartbox bis, two eco-conceived packaging solutions, Cosfibel bets on eco-design while remaining mindful of cost constraints and quality imperatives demanded by clients in the cosmetics and wine and spirits sectors.

Corrugated Box

In order to guarantee its lightness and recyclability, Corrugated Box uses honeycomb board and nothing but honeycomb board.

This coffret comprises two elements:

- An ultralight (cellular board) band, sheathed in FSC-grade paper with paper groove.
- A cellular board wedge that remains visible. On the outside of the coffret, the wedge creates a graphic effect and on the inside, it cushions and protects its contents.

Corrugated Box’s originality lies in its pleated shape and in the material cut to fit to the shape of its contents. Once stretched inside the coffret, the wedge holds on its own; there is no need for glue. To personalize the coffret without taking away its ecological benefits, it can be printed with vegetal ink.

A mono-material solution, Corrugated Box is recycled in one easy gesture.
Corrugated Box is ideal for brands seeking low-cost packaging with a minimal environmental impact,
” explains Cosfibel in a release.

Smartbox bis

Recyclability is also one of the strong assets of Smartbox bis, which also benefits from transparency and elegance features.

Board (FSC) and PET-PCR thermoformed material (30% of the PET comes from recycled bottles) make up this coffret featuring a large transparent window that allows its contents to show through. The window, however, is not glued - the thermoformed material plays this role instead.

The idea is the following: Smartbox bis is cast in a single basin-shaped piece and features a single-cast top that can be maintained without glue or attachments related to another set shaped by a cover with a large opening and a base and sides made of board. This way the elements are not fixed to one other and can therefore be easily separated, making recycling mere child’s play.

Smartbox bis can also be stacked, which makes for optimal storage at the point-of-sale.

To personalize the coffret, the board surface allows for all decoration techniques, including offset, silkscreening and hot-stamping.