The Cosfibel group based in Brussels, one of the leading provider of packaging and merchandising products for luxury consumer goods has acquired, Paris-based Solvpack, a subsidiary of Groupe de la Seine specializing in luxury coffrets.

At the instigation of its President and founder Alain Chevassus, Cosfibel SA has decided to strongly develop its transparent plastic packaging business, throughout Cosfibel Industrie (Grumbe and subsidiaries), as well as its activities in luxury packaging and promotional items, throughout Cosfibel Premium (Mandalay and subsidiaries), which is managed by Ilan Schinazi and Stanislas Peronnet.

Solvpack, chaired by Jean-Pierre Giraud and managed by Paula Cesselin and Michel Tailledet has become in the last years a key provider of luxury coffrets, champagne coolers and other promotional items dedicated to Wine and Spirit market.

Ilan Schinazi, Alain Chevassus, Stanislas Péronnet - Cosfibel

Ilan Schinazi, Alain Chevassus, Stanislas Péronnet - Cosfibel

The strong know how of Solvpack, the demanding partnership policy and a prestigious worldwide network of customers will allow Cosfibel Premium to consolidate any actions already engaged to serve Wine and Spirit multinational customers. Those clients should benefit very soon of many synergies between the two companies setting up Cosfibel Premium - Solvpack entities which should reach a turnover of about 60 million euros in 2012, of which 20 million euros in the Wine and Spirit world,” explains the Cosfibel group in a release.

This acquisition, following up the Primapack sale to the American Topline, should enable Cosfibel to strengthen its leadership in high-end coffrets.