Coradin, a French company specialising in the development and production of injected pieces for the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and diagnostic industries, recently launched Ecodis, an eco-friendly packaging made of 100% recyclable raw materials. Its design has been optimized to keep its weight to the strict minimum as well as minimizing the quantity of plastic needed.

Combined with a new gesture, this eco-designed packaging enable product application by simply pressing on the supple bottom part of the rigid tube. Ecodis is composed of a cartridge which is simply opened by pressing the bottom, after shaking, the powder or solution in the cartridge is mixed with the solution in the rigid tube and the formulation is reconstituted.

According to its manufacturer, Ecodis is intended for fluid skin care products, make-up (foundations) or hair care formulations. “Ecodis can be decorated on request; it is easy to fill, to assemble, to transport and to use,” said the company in a release.

For the moment, this patented technology is available in 15ml and 30ml. Depending on the products’ viscosities, different droppers are proposed: diameters vary from 0.2 mm to 3.0 mm.