Coquillete Paris is primarily the story of two friends, an art director and a fashion designer, both them passionate about travel and perfumes, who have chosen to share their experiences, memories, emotions and dreams through a small collection of artistic fragrances.

Four fragrances, out of six that are programmed, have been created already:

- Herat, which evokes Afghanistan, torn between war and poetry, with tobacco, jasmine, ylang-ylang, wood and Afghan hashish notes,
- Sulmona, a gourmand fragrance with sugar and almond notes, reminiscent of wedding celebrations and of the sugar-coated almonds that traditionally accompany them in France and Italy,
- Moramanga, for a trip to Madagascar and its flowers,
- Sumatera, with notes of fresh patchouli from Sumatra, jasmine, cedar and vanilla.

The line should be completed with candles and home fragrances but should remain short to find its place niche retail stores. The fragrances are sold to retailers in boxes of four units that can be displayed as such.