The cosmetic laboratories software company has opened up its capital to Extens, a French fund focused on healthcare softwares, and Clearsight, private investment company based in Switzerland.

Established in 1999 by Anne Karagoz, Coptis develops specialised software solutions to support cosmetic laboratories and raw material manufacturers in the formulation and regulatory compliance stages. Their software suite is available in seven languages and is used by nearly 400 companies in some 40 countries. Coptis Lab, the company’s flagship product, is a specialized software designed and regularly updated to fit the needs and practical requirements of cosmetic manufacturers.

In addition to their software suite, Coptis offers a global regulatory database, a toxicological information database on more than 3,000 substances and a documentary base on more than 16,000 cosmetic raw materials.

Based in France, Coptis has already set foot on three continents (Europe, North America and Asia). The company has nearly 30 employees and generates 40% of its turnover abroad; with good results in North America and Asia, stemming from the 2008 opening of a subsidiary in New York, and then in Singapore in 2016. The capital increase accompanying the entry of the two funds aims to accelerate the deployment of the company in these very dynamic markets and to consolidate its position as a leader in Europe.

Coptis has significant assets to consolidate globally the market position and the recognition they already enjoy in France, thanks to their spread and influence in the forty or so countries where their customers are present,” highlighted Valentine Deramecourt, Investment Director at Extens.