The maker of software solutions for cosmetic laboratories is introducing an Artificial Intelligence R&D program integrated in its Coptis Lab PLM software. The move is part of a collaborative effort to enhance and complement its series of digital solutions for formulation development and global regulatory compliance.

If successful, the Artificial Intelligence feature will be able to predict the stability of a formula before testing,” said Coptis in a statement.

Users are encouraged to enrich the learning database in the Coptis Lab software with formulas and stability test results. Indeed, using a substantial number and variety of observations is a key factor of success as AI can learn and identify patterns to generate accurate predictions. Thereof, the accuracy of the AI predictions increases with the amount of available data.

The aim of the software company is to improve and accelerate the development steps of cosmetic products. “Performing stability testing is a mandatory step in formula development. This multi-step process and repetitive task is arduous but can be improved with technology,Coptis concludes.