Quality Laboratory (Maverick Laboratories - Ulldecona)

Quality Laboratory (Maverick Laboratories - Ulldecona)

Quality 10 is the basic pillar of the company’s business strategy, a philosophy shared with its only client, Mercadona, Spain’s leading distribution chain. A commitment that puts us in a position of leadership: more than 5,100,000 Spanish households place trust in our products.

Global Quality Management

Our quality control procedures are the backbone of all the work involved in the development of Maverick Laboratories products, right from the beginning of the operational chain.

This holistic approach to quality control results in products that are highly stable, homogeneous, and safe. It also ensures that these products strictly comply with the Quality Guidelines in regards to design and manufacturing as agreed upon with the client, and the Daily Operations Quality guidelines for internal relations. We always provide the product the customer has come to expect, guaranteed.

This is a substantial responsibility, requiring the total involvement of an ample multidisciplinary team with highly specialized scientific-technical profiles.

Highest Expectations for the Supplier

A product that adheres to the highest standards of quality requires as a starting point excellent service from its supplier. The collaborative strategies and joint management developed by Maverick Laboratories fosters specialization, efficiency, and maximum quality in the supply chain and in raw materials. Strict control systems exact a rigorous level of diligence for the raw and processed materials used in our products. During 2016, 18 audits were carried out on suppliers, providing information about the whole supply chain to improve both internal control processes and those of our suppliers and to promote their continued improvement.

As a result, long-term supply relationships have been consolidated, guaranteeing the quality of the final product.

Optimized and Strengthened Manufacturing Dynamics

The philosophy of global quality management is of particular importance during the production process.

In addition to ISO 9001 standards of control, ISO 14001 and ISO 22716—renewed in April 2017—new investments have strengthened quality control processes in all stages of manufacturing, with the implementation of innovative strategies, including:

- Updated Analysis Methodologies. The regulations that are associated with new product launches are enduringly and synergistically adapted to the manufacturing processes. We guarantee the highest quality of raw and processed materials and semi-finished and finished products.

- Quality Control for Automated Procedures. New control systems at all stages of the manufacturing process have reinforced the effectiveness of existing product quality controls. The detection of possible non-conformities allows for precise and effective solutions with the creation of multidisciplinary teams that analyze, implement, and validate corrective and preemptive measures.

- Quality Wall. The introduction of quality control implements commonly used in other sectors, such as the automotive industry, guarantee the optimum quality of our finished product. At the same time, the indicators gather information on possible deviations in the process in order to advance the effectiveness of preemptive measures.

Quality with Global Vision

The team’s commitment to providing the highest quality is encapsulated in Lean Manufacturing strategies, aimed at achieving the maximum efficiency, optimization, and performance from equipment. A methodology with a global vision integrating the different areas involved in quality control, including the management of environmental sustainability policies, an area that becomes increasingly relevant as a strategic value-added advantage for business, guarantees the logical use of resources and the minimization of the impact of production on the environment and people.

A goal shared by the team that has achieved excellent results. During the last year, the consumer’s positive perception of our products has remained stable and its satisfaction has increased by 8.35%.

Quality that Extends Beyond the Supply Chain:
Our commitment to Quality 10 goes beyond the production process. The client and the end user rely on our products to not only offer the highest quality according to all guidelines, but also to extend beyond the end of the supply chain:

- Oversight of Cosmetics. A multi-disciplinary team of toxicology experts, physicians and cosmetic developers is responsible for evaluating and responding to the enquiries that the end users communicate to us.

- Customer service for end user. We offer the highest level of quality and adaptability in our customer service, with availability 365 days a year 24 hours, in direct collaboration with our customers. Thanks to this proximity with the consumer, we are able to gather information about the demand for future products and ideas about improving the current ones, which help us increase consumer loyalty and satisfaction. This is information that is distributed among various departments to focus all the