The bill has been in the works since 2018, initially introduced by vegan House Representative Juan Carlos Losada. A recognized environmental and animal advocate, Mr. Losada welcomed the news on Twitter:

The Law 2047 of August 10, 2020 (available here, in Spanish) prohibits the import, manufacture and marketing in Colombia of cosmetic products and their ingredients when they have been tested on animals.

These provisions will come into force 4 years after the promulgation of the law.

LEY 2047 DEL 10 DE AGOSTO DE 2020

However, the law provides for two exceptions. The first, when an ingredient requires safety tests, in the interest of human health or to assess its safety to the environment and there are no alternative tests validated by the international scientific community. The second: when safety data generated through animal testing for an ingredient has been performed for a purpose other than cosmetic. Actually, these provisions are quite similar to those already in force within the European Union.