Colep, a supplier of packaging and contract manufacturing solutions for consumer goods, recently launched a new “Natural Foaming Cream with CO2”. The foaming properties of this innovative Natrue certified organic aerosol cream result from the incorporation of CO2 into the formulation, thanks to “a unique mixing technology.

Developed by the company’s Healthcare Division, the new and innovative Bag-on-Valve product uses compressed air as the propellant, with CO2 directly added to the formulation, creating a gentle foaming cream.

Colep presented this innovation at the latest Aerosol & Dispensing Forum, which took place in Paris in February, where it received it a special distinction accolade from the jury of the Aerosol & Dispensing Awards.

The base formulation will be commercialised in a number of new products to be released in the market in the second half of 2014, Colep announced.