Long before the scalp skinification trend, as hair care formulas were just starting to get more natural, in 2017, Adrien Coelho decided to create products meant to be at the root of hair beauty.

As a trained hairdresser, I have always been passionate about hair beauty and health. As part of my job, I realized everyone had the same problems with dull, brittle, weakened hair. And since they did not know how to treat their hair properly, they blindly trusted the industry, although it targeted the symptoms, not the causes,” he says.

Consumers are much better educated about skincare than scalp care, and yet the latter ages six times faster than the face skin,” he adds.

Back from a training course in the United States, he started to develop natural formulas with a pharmacist specialized in skin problems to offer both efficacy and sensoriality.

To me, it was essential to formulate products free from aggressive and controversial ingredients. I wanted to work on natural formulas and treat the scalp like we treat our skins, with essential oils for their emotional dimension, because our hair reflects our emotions,” explains Adrien Coelho.

Physical and emotional benefits

His work resulted in four products composed of at least 95% of multifunctional ingredients of natural origin, like the serum-oil for the scalp, hair, face and body, which offers relaxing, antioxidant and anti-ageing benefits. Coelho is claimed to be a high-end, holistic brand which supports consumers in a comprehensive way.

I felt like combining sensoriality – with woody, spicy fragrances – and efficacy. It took four years to develop these very pleasant, foaming textures,” explains Adrien Coelho.

Other than the serum-oil, the range boasts a micellar cleanser which can be used as a shampoo, a peppermint-based 4-in-1 cleansing, defining, conditioning moisturizer which can also be used as a mask, and a texturizing memory mist.

The multifunctional approach is in line with an urban lifestyle that lacks space and time, and it minimizes waste. These minimalist formulas suit all hair types, and both men and women.

We aim to go back to basics, with simplified routines, but optimum results, while preserving nature and hair health," he says.

Launched last September, the range is available on the Coelho Beauty e-shop as well as in Oh My Cream stores. Prices range from 68 euros for the oil to 38 euros for the shampoo.

Adrien Coelho aims to enter new markets soon, in particular the US and Brazil, and to broaden the range by targeting specific hair concerns.

To be differentiating, I intend to develop highly targeted products focused on particular problems: eczema, hair loss, and thin or coloured hair. Of course, it is a booming segment, but everyone has pretty much the same offers, for curly and textured hair. We need to stand out by exploring and specializing in other areas. The pandemic made consumers feel like taking care of their hair again, and their expectations have got increasingly precise. It is time to satisfy them. My approach is meant to be educational, so that we go farther regarding hair treatment. The idea is to provide a highly customized solution to each hair problem, thanks to a targeted, expert range”, concludes Adrien Coelho.