Eight years after its initial launch in 2016, Skinobs is unveiling a 2.0 version with a new design and, above all, a range of new functional features.

The platform makes it easier for cosmetic brands and manufacturers to choose the right test, laboratories, or consultants for their research projects, within an online database. “What previously could require days of search can now be accomplished in minutes,” highlighted Skinobs in a statement.

Some of the new features includes project management tools, private integrated messaging system, Q&A support, intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Testing cosmetics products is at the heart of the beauty industry and is the key to success,” said Anne Charpentier, CEO, and founder of Skinobs. “Our objective today is to function as a central hub where laboratories and cosmetics professionals converge. With Skinobs, we strive to facilitate collaboration and communication between these two essential industry entities.

Skinobs is a referral platform for preclinical and clinical testing, the first of its kind around the world. The purpose of the platform is to offer beauty industry professionals, and intuitive and free database with all skin, nail, hair testing solutions.

The platform features two databases dedicated to preclinical assays (in-silico, in-tubo, in-vitro or ex-vivo) and clinical evaluation (in-vivo on humans). Skinobs aims to speed up and optimize the development of the cosmetic products by eliminating most of barriers to access to the most suitable tests in terms of performance, cost, speed and innovation.

In 2023, the testing Skinobs platform has been used by over 6.000 experts from 84 countries whether they are developing actives, ingredients, or finished cosmetic products.